Does the OnlyFans account appear in the background check?

First of all, let’s see what a so-called background check is.

Translated “mot à mot” background check, this is a process that a person or company can use to verify that a person is who they say they are. Background checks provide the ability to check a person’s criminal record , education , employment history, references and other past activities (including social media accounts) to confirm their validity.

OnlyFans being a social media platform (even though it allows content creators to distribute their content in any form they want, including pornographic adult content, it’s still a social media platform) can be included in the list of things that appear on the background check.

However, OnlyFans allows you to create an anonymous account in which you use a “stage name” (you will still have to give your real personal data to create the account and to integrate a bank account but these will not be accessed by the public), and when it comes to paying taxes, you don’t have to pass that you work at OnlyFans, but you can classify yourself as “content creator”. That is, you can file the single return and say that you make royalties, without specifically indicating the source.

In theory things are quite good and it seems that you would have nothing to worry about from this point of view, but I would advise you to think several times before making a decision. The internet is a very unpredictable environment and as much as we would like to, we cannot have absolute control over it, real examples being some celebrities’ social media accounts that have been hacked . A more concrete example would be a very recent case where OnlyFans experienced a cyber attack by a group of people as a result of which a significant portion of the material that you would normally have to pay to access, were shared for free on other platforms (which might have included your content, even if you had your private account).

In addition to that, lately the money that constantly comes “from outside” into your account has to be explained to the bank, so you can wake up with blocked accounts, without being able to use the money in question. And it is possible that in the future banks will be able to legally transmit various information, such as these, to employers.

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