Can you get in trouble at work for having an Only Fans account?

If the answer you thought of when you read the question was depends , then you answered correctly.

Strictly from a legal perspective, as long as your job doesn’t conflict with what you post on OnlyFans and you don’t make it public, you have nothing to worry about. On the social side, however, things are changing due to the fact that such an occupation is not seen as a “side job” by the vast majority of people, but is assimilated (wrongly) with prostitution (something that should not surprise us considering seeing that “sexual education” is still a taboo subject in our country). However, it may be an important turning point in the eternal debate ” can activities involving the sexual part be considered jobs in the professional sense?” “

In conclusion, we don’t live in an ideal society, and your OnlyFans account could create problems for you at work depending on the principles and character of your boss or the specifics of the company/institution you work for.

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