OnlyFans fake account?

What can you do if someone uses your OnlyFans images

First, you should note that OnlyFans states in its terms and conditions that it will not be liable to you if your content is copied, distributed, posted elsewhere or its copyright is infringed by a other user or any third party”. This means that you cannot complain to the site if your copyright has been infringed or if someone is using it.

Fortunately, the law does not allow anyone to use your image without your consent. When someone uses your image without your consent, we are already talking about image damage. On image damage we have this article that addresses this issue in great detail.

Thus, we can have the following situations where someone uses your images: to make a profit, to damage your reputation or to blackmail you.

But if someone makes a fake account in your name on OnlyFans and uses pictures and videos of you, contact us below.

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