Is OnlyFans incompatible with certain professions because it affects dignity and honor?

Labor relations are based on the principle of consensuality and good faith, and if you perform your duties fairly at work, you should have no problems. However, there are also situations where OnlyFans is incompatible with certain professions, and this happens in situations where there is an internal rule or policy governing this. Certain companies may suffer if their employees make adult content, because it would harm their image and the interests of customers.

And the phrase “infringes on dignity and honor” is quite broad and no one can give you a concrete answer to that, because it is not written anywhere in black and white that it is forbidden to have an OnlyFans account. In addition, even if we are talking about sex workers and materials that are not necessarily suitable for under 18s, let’s not forget that Only Fans can also be used for a completely different purpose.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of making an OnlyFans, check first the internal regulations of the company you work for, as well as the general vision of the company.

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